Vacuum Cap – Galvanized – 4 Inch


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Vacuum Chimney Cap

Our Vacuum Chimney Caps are the ideal solution for fossil fuel chimneys, expertly designed to prevent downdraft and improve air draw that can be affected by wind.

The classic design of these caps creates a vacuum effect at the base, effectively pulling air and fumes out of your chimney for optimal performance. Available with or without a spark arresting screen, these caps are crafted to fit the outer diameter of your chimney pipe perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Superior Downdraft Prevention: Effectively prevents downdrafts and enhances air draw in windy conditions.
  • Vacuum Effect Design: The unique design creates a vacuum at the base, ensuring efficient exhaust of air and fumes.
  • Optional Spark Arresting Screen: Available with or without a screen for added safety and customization.
  • Versatile Sizing: Designed to fit various outer diameters of chimney pipes.

Installation Note: For installation on square tile or masonry chimneys, please see our range of adapters for a perfect fit.